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Reiki 1 Training & Attunement
Investment: $295

Registration: through Christie Kern at The Reiki Institute of Wisconsin


Reiki is a Japanese gift to access consciousness and healing through practice. This gentle practice has helped millions of people relax, release tension, anxiety, depression and disease. Becoming a Reiki 1 practitioner will help you access your natural health, and then help others access theirs.

This class is taught using the original intent and ideals of Dr. Usui Mikao, The founder of Reiki.

During this class students will gain an understanding of and experience the principles of self-inquiry and connection with collective consciousness through the Reiki Level I attunement.

Students will learn how to treat themselves and perform hands-on Reiki treatments.

Students will become First Degree Reiki Practitioners and earn a Reiki Level I Certificate upon completion of all requirements of this class.

Change the world with the power of Reiki love.


Snacks are provided.

Christie Kern, L. Ac., MSOM, Reiki Master, has practiced Traditional Usui Reiki since 2005. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Tao Healing Hands practitioner, focused on compassionate healing through Traditional Asian Medicine.

Christie opened The Reiki Institute of Wisconsin in 2018 to offer a place to experience, share and expand Reiki. She is committed to helping people experience consciousness, health and joy through gentle practices.


If you have any questions, please call 262.584.9955 or message Christie at The Reiki Institute of Wisconsin through FaceBook.