What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture relieves pain, anxiety, overwhelm and other discomforts through placement of hair fine needles in specific body locations. 5,000 years of research and experience support modern acupuncture. The art of Traditional Asian Medicine uniquely focuses on the movement of qi (pronounced CHEE), the life force energy that moves everything from thoughts to emotions to blood and beyond. When qi is moving properly, everything flows properly and life is lived with ease and grace. When qi gets stuck or stagnated, symptoms of the interference of flow begin. 


Caught in the early stages, the symptoms may include unhealthy thought patterns; discomfort and unrest that's not really logical (or it is logical and not easily resolved),  irrational fear, worry, anger, grief and other emotional experiences that spin and distract you from the joy of life. If these symptoms are ignored they will persist and intensify. This further stagnates qi and causes physical ailments such as sciatica, body aches and pain and internal diseases. 


Often qi disharmony is disguised as a car accident, a sprained ankle, a migraine headache. Everything in life is a manifestation of qi. It is life force. Acupuncture and other Traditional Asian Medicine techniques may help prevent disease, "accidents," and injuries because when qi is in harmony, the flow creates a joyful life. It's tricky to prove what didn't occur. 


Acupuncture uses tiny needles to direct qi to flow in the appropriate direction, volume and rate. Qi flows in specific rivers, called meridians, and when the flow is disrupted the body, mind, emotions and spirit experience discomfort. 


All of these aspects of being, (body, mind, emotions and spirit) affect each other. As qi flows, any place it stagnates, is diminished or excessive, it creates discomfort and disharmony. Traditional Asian Medicine considers all of these aspects of being, so the treatment gently persuades all aspects to harmonize. This beautiful harmony in all organ systems (skin to bone), mental faculties, emotional and spiritual experiences, allows joy and love to flow.